eBook_Buildings for the Performing Arts

‘This superb design and development guide must be essential reading for all design teams involved in the initiation, planning, design and building of facilities for the various performing arts. A detailed analysis of all design and development issues and the relationships with clients and consultants are explored adopting a very discerning approach. The specific studies that follow analyse in a masterly way the critical requirements of the auditorium and platform/stage, support facilities and their relationship, and examine the effects of site conditions, their time scale and financial appraisal.’

‘Part 1 describes different types of performances, clients and buildings. It includes approximately 30 pages showing real buildings as examples of the many different building types; each example is illustrated with photographs and plans.

Part 2 describes the design process, focusing on the initial stages of working with the client(s) and developing a concept.

Part 3 examines specific aspects of the design, including the size and shape of the stage, acoustics, row spacing, sight lines, backstage areas, lobbies and box offices, and more. A special chapter addresses the adaption and renovation of existing buildings. Each detail is illustrated with clear diagrams.’

– The ASI Journal


Book Download: PDF_Buildings for the Performing Arts

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