Project – Locating Helsinki (2)

This project is a Masterplan for the Helsinki metropolitan area assembly, done by Jamie Lilley, from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL in 2015.

This work awarded Distinction for Design & Distinction for Thesis
and awarded The Bartlett Medal

Please check the first part of the project – Locating Helsinki (1)

This project is based in the capital city of Finland, Helsinki. It has been chosen for its unique political background. The identity of Finland has always been closely tied to the map and how its territory has been depicted.  In its history, it has been a territory of Sweden to the west, a branch of the Soviet Union to the east and an extension of the European Union to the south.  Its borders have shifted throughout its history, drawn and redrawn to suit the occupying country of that time. The scheme explores the physical, social and digital cartographic mapping techniques at the three epochs in the history of the capital. Each political system has fashioned a different urban form produced through cartographic methods. 


The Site Overview


The programme is for a new masterplan for the Metropolitan Area Assembly to unite the divided municipality system governed by the map. It is sited on the Hanasarri power plant site, close to the famous Senate Square. The coal powered power plant has a large physical presence and is to be decommissioned in 2025.



Grid East – The Physical – Helsinki 1806-1908

Align East – The birth of the capital and its Russiafication


Magnetic West – The Social Helsinki 1908-1995

Align West 8.93o W – The deconstruction of Russification and the establishment of a Finnish social structure


True South – The Digital – Helsinki 1952 – 2014

Align South Positive (+) 8o International identity shifts to calibrate with Europe


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