2021-2022 Hidden Spectaculars and Memoryscapes

A timeline of zoetrope and kinetic art, Callum Harker (Year 5)

In the academic year of 2021-2022, the studio proposes creative new ways to inhabit the city by developing diverse spatial scenarios, underpinned by the recently released City Centre Transformation Programme (CCTP) to help the city recover following the impact of Covid-19. We believe to look at the embedded industrial urban fabric of Newcastle, and envisaging a new culture of sharing with urban communities will be vital to the future of the sustainable and inclusive city. Some of the key terms we use as departure points are: ‘cultural objects’, ‘hidden stories’, ‘collective’, ‘urban hacking’, ‘sharing city’, ‘trans-loci’ and ‘communities’.

In partnership with museums and galleries from Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums (TWAM), we began the year by creating comic strips and small-scale installations with founded objects from local museums and galleries, to identify the historical, cultural, social and ecological aspects of these founded objects and to explore how these ‘hidden spectaculars’ or knowledge exchange can be brought in the urban space to make a city more liveable, fun and open to all.

A Seed for Change – Decolonising Newcastle museums and cultural institutions, Ben slater (Year 5)

By inventing new models for future inhabitation, we carefully observed fringe communities and challenged regulatory frameworks, setting ourselves a personal design question and speculating on an imagined part of the city set within a real context. In the 2nd semester, each student started to propose a series of memoryscapes at different points along its route. These cultural provocations may be very large or very small; they may be affiliated with existing cultural institutions or form new ones; they may display historic art or engage new media and technologies– yet they will all be manifestos for reframing the relationship between inhabitants, memory organisations and the city.


6th years: Katy Barnes, Vincentia Mutiara, Richard Taylor, Matthew Layford

5th years: Benjamin Slater, Alice Hoi Ting Lam, Junwei Lim, James Carroll, Callum Harker, Will Clarke