Social Media, Activism and Contemporary Practice in Architecture

Guest Lecturer: Bika Rebek
Module Convenor: Dr. Jiayi Jin

Before the internet and social media, architecture projects and the work of architects were viewed and documented differently. Similar to other professions like arts and fashion, the public’s understanding and exposure to these industries have changed as new technologies have proliferated. The public’s experience of the built environment, for example, is no longer reliant on physically visiting a space. Instead, anyone at any time can see iconic architectural feats in the palm of their hand. This lecture discusses ways that social media, community building, organising and activism are becoming architectural skills. Many of the tools used in these processes have been around for years, but the combination of social isolation with an increased awareness of the need to develop specifically anti-racist practices has borne these new formats. In this lecture, students will learn about social media, campaign building, independent practice, online projects etc.

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