Week 2: The Souvenir

Revisit the chosen museum, and keep developing studies around the founded object.

Great North Museum: Hancock/ Discovery Museum/ Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and Other museums…

The Souvenir

Def. A thing that is kept as a reminder of a place, person, or event.

You are asked to design and develop a 3D object as your museum souvenir, which could be extended from the Week 1 ‘Magic Objects’ task, or exploring another aspect in the historical, cultural, social or ecological background of this founded object. You are encouraged to develop individual, personal research interests and responses using the physical model (artefact), to exam, interrogate and image a new narrative behind objects/ situations/ spaces…

Weekly outputs include:

  1. Keep developing your studio diary/sketchbook that documents your daily exploration and reflections, especially for the curation + making process of the ‘Souvenir’ (3D object / artefact).
  • The Souvenir is not limited to a specific size or form, but it should adopt the connotations of a ‘souvenir’ that provides in-depth understanding and memory of key people, places or issues associated with the museum object.

You will be free to explore a wide range of forms like wearable objects, layered paper models, 3D games, digitally augmented objects, installations, performative devices…

  • Please produce a 250 word (referenced), critical appraisal explaining your design journey and any relevant associations between the works.


  1. Stick with the previous object, do not overthink it. the only thing will go wrong is not doing it.
  2. Conduct in-depth analysis and using visuals to develop your ideas on your sketchbook.
  3. Try to talk to the museum staff about your findings and your curation ideas for the object, try to build links with the cultural institute and hear what they say.
  4. Spend time and draw attention to improve the detail and craftsmanship of your designed artefact.
  5. Use our Modelling Workshop @ Ellison Building if needed.
  6. Talk to your studio mates and get their feedback/crits/suggestions…
Recreating the historical perspective
‘Projecting Identify’ – a 3d model that explores different marks – personas – when interacting with different people. With the light, the objects cast shadows on 3 sides, which represents the curator’s values and attitudes toward families, colleagues and friends.
The curation process of ‘Projecting Identity’
Carefully documents and keep your artefacts in a save place
You will be asked to present both drawings and the artefact for the interim review.

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