Week 3: City Centre Transformation /Site Study

The City Centre Transformation Programme (CCTP) is a long-term vision to transform Newcastle City Centre via a series of impactful interventions on both major thoroughfares and some of quieter streets at the heart of the city centre. These interventions are all designed to rebuild and pioneer for the future, rejuvenating our city to bring life back into the heart of our Newcastle after the pandemic.

In Week 3, you will be assigned to deliver the on-site study based on ONE street/ location from the CCTP proposal (as the table attached), your on-site survey should cover the most important elements e.g. Urban (local) structure, Urban (local) grain, Density and mix, Height and massing, Building (shops) type, Façade and interface, Details and materials, Streetscape and landscape.

Name Street / Location
James Northumberland Street
Will Old Eldon Square
Callum Blackett Street
Hoi Ting (Alice) Grainger Market
Jun Wei Ridley Place
BenjaminSaville Row
Vincentia Pilgrim Street
Matthew Grey Street
KatyTBC (Newark / Nottingham)

Weekly outputs include:

  1. 1:1000 macro site analysis (like the drawing attached below)
  2. 1:50 drawing combining two street facades (at least for ground and first floors) and the street plan.
  3. Document your research and exploration on your sketchbook.
Macro Analysis of the Coatsworth Road by Will Dingwall.
Macro Analysis of the road and key architectures.
2.5-dimensional paper model / urban mapping by first year Bartlett students (Macro Analysis)
2.5-dimensional paper model / urban mapping (Macro Analysis)
Macro Analysis of the Skid Row, Los Angeles by Tadas Pangonis and Jie Liu
Street / Site Drawings (in 1:50) for capturing two street facades and the length of the street.

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