Week 5 Interim Review

Date: 25th October

Location: SUB 201

External Crit: Dr Nadia Bertolino

Please pin up before 12:30 and put your artefact(s) / models / sketchbook/ progress drawings underneath.

The orchestration of your drawings is critical – design the composition and juxtaposition of all the drawings, make sure the relevant drawings are next to each other.

Also don’t forget to have your project title and student name somewhere on your boards.

Please keep your introductory talk brief and succinct within 15 minutes, outlining your approaches so far and plans for the following stage.

You can record your session using your mobile, and you will have a ‘crit buddy’ (as shown below) to take key comments and suggestions for your project.

Don’t forget to type up the peer reviewer’s notes, your reflections from the review and what you will do next, and email the Word doc to your tutor by the end of the day following the review.

 Name Street / Location & TopicCrit Buddy
12:30-1:00James Northumberland Street / Surgical Lamp & Post-pandemicCallum
1:00-1:30Will Old Eldon Square / Parasitic Play – Space into PlaceHoi Ting (Alice)
1:30-2:00Callum Blackett Street / ZoetropeJun Wei
2:00-2:30Hoi Ting (Alice) Grainger Market / Sun EclipseBen
2:30-3:00Jun Wei Ridley Place / The MazeVincentia
15 minutes Break
3:15-3:45BenjaminSaville Row / Artefact-less MuseumMatt
3:45-4:15Vincentia Pilgrim Street / Indonesian BatikKaty
4:15-4:45Matthew Grey Street / The Magic LanternRichard
4:45-5:15KatyTBC (Newark / Nottingham) / Cabinets of curiositiesJames
5:15-5:45Richard Will

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