Srishti Dutta Roy

The Trading Maze

Trading and bazaars have been presented for centuries, long before the standardized business market in malls took over. Every country has own kind of handicraft or locally made objects that they are proud of. The key spaces include a trading spine that opens into the maze-like juxtaposition of stores for the sake of trading vernacular goods.

An important aspect of driving this project is the aim to celebrate the cultural diversity of the Westgate road, in their true vernacular form. The research conducted over the first half of the project has indicated pockets of cultures and clusters formed according to their specific communities. Despite the social strength of each community belonging to a certain country, there is minimal socializing with people from a different community.

There could be numerous factors for this lack of exchange, including language barriers. This design thesis brings forward social interaction within cultural diversity, celebrating and respecting and respecting what each country has to offer without the necessary exchange of words, but rather, through the exchange of objects.