Catherine Sinclair

Gibson Street Baths Regeneration

Newcastle’s Grade II-listed the Gibson Street Baths building was constructed in 1906 by FH Holford as a public swimming pool and wash house. Comprising a domed hall, changing areas, gendered wash rooms and entrance foyer. It closed in 1965 and the building was used as a badminton club in subsequent years. It has fallen into disrepair over the last 50 years but many of its original features are intact, including tiled friezes and a cast iron turnstile in the entrance hall.

Regenerating the historical Gibson Street Baths to once again celebrate the neighbourhood’s heritage and community to address local social issues is the centre of this project. Shieldfield has become an area of social diversity in recent years but it lacks space and facilities for these diversities to come together for growth and development.

The scheme addresses the issue of a lack of community in the area, creating a space for a community to grow and develop. Hundertwassers 5 Skins Theory creates a labyrinth through the building creating a series of spaces that provides refuge from day to day life and provides elements that are missing within the neighbourhood, encouraging the development of a community.

5 Skins