Alice Langstaff

Alice is a MArch Year 2 student in the studio, her project investigates the Cultural Revival plan for the city of Newcastle. The rich culture and heritage enjoyed by Newcastle is becoming increasingly vulnerable. By embracing the technology and globalisation of modern society, connections to the past are being rapidly eroded.

To this end, the idea of a second ‘Art and Crafts’ movement becomes appealing. A ‘Revival Exhibition’ masterplanned at the heart of historic Newcastle seeks to revive the city’s culture and social history, and forgotten medieval route from Castle to Quayside. All nine segments of culture are represented along the vibrant journey, with ‘performance’ celebrated at every opportunity. A specific site within the masterplan – representing the ‘Values’ and ‘Food & Drink’ cultural segments – is further developed, centred around creative restoration of the flagship Cooperage building and adjacent historic fabric.