Jordan Ince

Jordan is the MArch Y1 student in the studio, her project is a statement and support for bottom-top development, by creating the group ‘Blandford Square Conservation Group’, an inspiration taken from the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft in Bristol – who have successfully along with the council and local residents avoiding top-down development and any changes takes everyone into account and consideration so no one is forced out of the community.

Another part of this statement is the idea of incremental architecture, therefore the design is part of a much longer scheme and towards the entire and sustainable development of Blandford Square. It proposes changes to the entirety of the building in which Alphabetti resides and the car park to the North, all these changes are part of creating Alphabetti as a more established theatre in the city.

More importantly the addition of the theatre will provide more opportunity for the artists to experiment with their craft. All the changes are respectful to the existing by retaining its primary structure with minimal interventions to the exterior. The new Alphabetti Theatre is part of the phase plan to incrementally develop the area, with this specifically growing the theatre and its programme into artist studios which would be held in the adjacent buildings to the South of the existing Alphabetti building.