Will Dingwall

The Alternative Abattoir works to provide a sustainable method of the ritual practice, paying the upmost respect to each cow and allowing for a hierarchical change within the confines of the street. This will ensure each person within the Islamic community is aware of the origins of their meat whilst also providing education to the wider community as to the whole ritual process of Halal slaughter. The scheme aims to alter the way abattoirs are implemented within society, changing the ‘anti-landmark’ certification of a classic slaughterhouse into an expression of religious significance. It aims to change the meat industry on a whole by educating society on each part of the slaughtering process, revealing the gritty and gory aspects that many still chose to ignore.

Each input and output within the process has been carefully considered in order to create a circular economy for sustainability. Water and Electricity are two major inputs within the process, so there recyclability is key to the scheme, done through the implementation of DAF filtration and Black Carp fish for water reserves and the use of Anaerobic Digestors for electricity. The final outputs will be that of the Ritualised Halal meat and sweets produced from skin and bone through the evisceration stage.